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EGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design Fall 2011 Lecture 3 Homework Background : Experiential learning is an important part of your academic career. Proper preparation in searching for employment is essential to securing the position you desire. Objective : Establish an account on MySpartanCareer and upload a resume for usage in securing employment. Part 1: Individually, research the various on-line tips available for format, flow, content, etc. and then create your own 1-page resume in Word .doc format. Review the resume review sessions and workshop schedules offered by The Center and listed in the Student Registration and Resume Upload file found in the General Course Documents folder under the Lessons tab in Angel. You may also want to consult the Resume Checklist also found in that folder. You do not need to cite the resources you have used in preparing your resume. The TA or one of the mentors in your lab will review your resume during Lab 5. You may want to attend one of the resume critiques held by The Center prior to Lab 5. Submit
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