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EGR 100 Fall 2011 EGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Design Fall 2011 Lecture & Laboratory Schedule Week Date Lecture Topic Lecturer Lect Reading & Lect HW Lab Topic Lab HW Assignment Due This Lab 1 8/31 None None; None Project Teams, Lab Safety, Comp Accts Team Design Exercise 1 Safety Form, Team Survey, TDE1 2 9/5 Introduction, Connector Faculty Hinds Briedis Ch 1-3; See Angel Monday, Thursday & Friday Lab Sections Attend Lab 1 in Week 1 3 9/12 WTC Design Issues Kodur See Angel; See Angel Project 1 Introduction Project 1 Checkpoint 1 NXT Kit Inventory NXT Kit Inventory 4 9/19 Professionalism Walton Ch 4-6 & Angel Survey; See Angel Technical Report Writing Team Design Exercise 2 Project 1 Report Draft Project 1 Checkpoint 2 Checkpoint 1 TDE2 5 9/26 Project Engineering Marks Ch 10; See Angel Technical Report Reviews Prepare for Competition Review Resume Review Draft Report 6 10/3 Engineering Careers Guest Panel Ch 12; See Angel Project 1 Competition
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