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EGR 102 Introduction to Engineering Modeling Lab 03A Homework Part 1. Use MATLAB to define the following matrices: ± [ ² ² ³ ´ ] µ ¶ ± [ · ¸¹ º »³ ] µ ¼ ±½¾ · ¸· »¿ À Using MATLAB, determine the following: 1. A - B 2. A * B 3. B * A 4. Inverse of A 5. Determinant of B (you may need to use MATLAB help) 6. A * C 7. 5 * A Part 2. Solve the following set of three equations for x, y and z: (Answer may be in matrix form) 2x + -y – 4z = -9 x + 2y + 2z = 6 -3y + 4z = 14 Part 3. Using MATLAB, determine the roots of the following two equations: 1. y = 6x 2 – 8x – 7 2. y = 2x 3 – 3x Also, use MATLAB Help to determine how to use the ezplot function. Using this function, plot the 2 equations above to verify your solutions. Use the “grid on”
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Unformatted text preview: command to help visualize the roots in both plots. Build a Word document by copying and pasting your Command Window results from your MATLAB work. Make sure you copy your work and your results for each of the homework questions above prior to clearing your Command Window. Also copy your plot results. You can copy MATLAB figures by going to the Edit toolbar and selecting Copy Figure. Submit your Word document to the Lab HW 03A drop box. Place your name and lab section number on the document. Title both your Word document and your submission to the drop box as follows: (lab section #)_(last name)_(first name)_HW03A For example: 1_Smith_John_HW03A (do not put a zero in the lab section #) Due Date: Before Lab 03B begins....
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