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EGR 102 Introduction to Engineering Modeling Lab 04A Homework The dissolution of copper sulfide in aqueous nitric acid is described by the following chemical equation: a CuS + b NO 3 + c H + d Cu 2+ + e SO 2– 4 + f NO + g H 2 O where the bold coefficients are the number of moles of each product and reactant. The unknown coefficients are determined by balancing the number of atoms and ions on each side. The resulting equations are: a = d , a = e , b = f , 3 b = 4 e + f + g , c = 2 g , b = c There are seven unknowns but only six equations. Also, a solution must be obtained where all the coefficients are positive integers. This may be achieved by guessing a value for the variable a and solving for the remaining coefficients. Write a MATLAB script file that will allow you to guess a value of a and will calculate and display the rest of the coefficients for the problem in alphabetical order. Use the script file you created to guess a = 1
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Unformatted text preview: and solve for the other coefficients. The solution is valid only if all the resulting coefficients are positive integers. If this is not the case, run the script file again with a = 2 . Continue this process until all the coefficients in the solution are positive integers . Use comments in your script file to properly label each equation and indicate units. Construct your script file such that the coefficients are displayed in the Command Window in alphabetical order. Copy your Command Window results and your script file into a Word document and submit it to the Lab HW 04A drop box. Place your name and lab section number on the document. Title both your Word document and your submission to the drop box as follows: (lab section #)_(last name)_(first name)_HW04A For example: 1_Smith_John_HW04A (do not put a zero in the lab section #) Due Date: Before Lab 04B begins....
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