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EGR 102 Introduction to Engineering Modeling Lab 05A Homework It is known that the tensile strength of metal composite increases as a function of the time it is heat treated. The following data were collected: t (min) 10 30 50 70 90 110 σ (MPa) 15.8 48.4 81.2 147.5 186.8 204 Create a MATLAB script that uses linear least-squares regression to determine the coefficients a 1 and a 0 in the function σ = a 1 t + a 0 that best fits the data. Follow the outlined procedure: 1. Enter the data given above as vectors at the beginning of the script file. Use the colon operator to create the t data, and manually input the σ data into a vector. Display these in the command window. 2. Use the sum function to calculate, but not display: a. ∑( ± ) b. ∑(² ± ) c. ∑³ ± ´ µ d. ∑( ± ² ± ) 3. Have MATLAB calculate the value of n , the number of data points supplied, using length() . Then, solve the following equation to calculate and display a 1 . · ¸ ¹ ∑(º » ¼ » )½∑(º » ) ∑(¼ »
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Unformatted text preview: ) ( ) 4. Use MATLAB to calculate the averages of t and . Then, solve the following equation to calculate and display a . 5. Finally, now that you have both a 1 and a coefficients, use the plot function to produce a graph of the equation = a 1 t + a for a new range 0 t 180 min , using a step size of 30. According to your plot, what would the tensile strength of this metal composite become if it is heat treated for 3 hours? Copy your Command Window results including your plot and your M-file into a Word document and submit it to the Lab HW 05A drop box. Place your name and lab section number on the document. Title both your Word document and your submission to the drop box as follows: (lab section #)_(last name)_(first name)_HW05A For example: 1_Smith_John_HW05A (do not put a zero in the lab section #) Due Date: Before Lab 05B begins....
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