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EGR 102 Introduction to Engineering Modeling Lab 07B Homework A uniform beam of total length L (m) with one fixed end is subjected to a load at the free end P (N) . The deflection of the free end of the beam δ (m) can be calculated using the equation below. The Young’s Modulus E (N/m 2 ) , is a material property that changes depending on what metal the beam is cast from. The moment of inertia, I (m 4 ) , is a geometric property that changes depending on the cross-section shape of the beam. ± ²³ ´ µ¶· You are limited to producing the following three beam shapes, and you can only produce beams out of the following three metals. Each possible combination of beam shape and material will result in a different deflection value. Cross-Section Shape Moment of Inertia (I) Metal Young's Modulus (E) m 4 N/m 2 1 : I-Beam 6.987 x 10 -6 1 : Titanium Alloy 112.0 x 10 9 2 : Square Beam 7.745 x 10 -6 2 : Steel Alloy 206.0 x 10 9 3 : T-Beam 7.020 x 10 -6 3 : Cast Iron 104.0 x 10 9 Create a MATLAB function to accomplish the following tasks:
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