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To: Alexander Bauman From: Blake Junak Re: Comments on engineering connect session Date: October 2,2011 I spoke with numerous civil engineers recently about some important information. The Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21 st century are very important in this field. The Grand Challenge this engineer talked about was that of restoring and improving urban infrastructure. Civil engineers work diligently to improve infrastructure, rather then rebuild. This Grand Challenge is very important. Our infrastructure is deteriorating, and it’s inevitable. Urban areas are the worst because they have the largest populations, and cause the biggest causes for concern. As the population grows, more room, support, and innovative ideas become present. One item I took from the night was that we couldn’t just destroy infrastructure; we have to modify it. There is nowhere to put all the excess material, there isn’t enough new material, and the cost would be too high. A problem arises when engineers fail to find
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