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9.13.2011 Managed Heart Part 3

9.13.2011 Managed Heart Part 3 - the well-being and status...

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9.13.2011 Managed Heart Part 3 Chapters 7,8, and Afterword - Emotional Labor is a Lens to Inequalities in Society o Craig’s list ad “Girlfriend for Hire” Gender controls emotional work Women provide emotional work Men are often the ones who purchase emotional work Men with money - The Inequalities of Emotional Work o Gender Scripts of masculinity and femininity are reinforced in emotion work o Performing emotional work reinforces the position of women in society as emotion managers; in emotion work, women often “affirm, enhance, and celebrate
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Unformatted text preview: the well -being and status of others” o Women are not prepared/protected by the “status shield” at work o Because we have core self, emotive dissonance leads to alienation from self that results in “estrangement from sexual identity” (181)-Conclusion: o Emotion work entails the performance of gender scripts, resulting in the reinforcement of inequalities of masculinity and femininity o...
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