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10.25.2011 Love - 10.25.2011 Love - - - - Oxford English...

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10.25.2011 Love - Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Love: o Senses relating to affection and attachment - Consummate Love Chart - Anthony Giddens: Romantic Love o Gendered construction of love o Men and women occupy two different situations, to survive, men do not need women, women need men to support them financially, women then, pursued sex in hopes that sex would lead to a relationship. o A Quest: “Sex is, as it were, a sparking device, with romance as the quest for destiny. The search for romantic love here, however, no longer means deferring sexual activity until the desired relationship comes along. Having sex with a new partner may be the start of the fateful encounter which is sought after, but more than likely it is not” (50). o In a period of romantic love: Marriage is an obligation Marriage is companionate (a cultural ritual of sorts) - Anthony Giddens: Pure Relationship o “the term relationship – meaning a close and continuing emotional tie to another, has only come into general usage relatively recently.” o Pure relationship does not refer to sexual purity o Pure relationship happens when one enters social relationship “for its own sake,” for what one can gain from the association… o “love used to be tied to sexuality, for most of the sexually normal population, through marriage but now the two are connected more and more via the pure
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10.25.2011 Love - 10.25.2011 Love - - - - Oxford English...

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