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Divya Asuri Dr. Parrenas Sociology-220 13 December 2011 Final Paper: #3 The Post-Modern Family In her book, Unhitched: Love, Marriage, and Family Values from West Hollywood to Western China , author Judith Stacey expands on the various types of gay relationships. According to Stacey, there are four types of postmodern gay families that include the “monogamous gay couple,” the “sex pig and his celibate mate,” the “three polyamorous Brothers-in-law”, and finally the single gay man (Stacey). She explains what each partner’s role is within the family and how emotional and/or financial power is split between the various partners. The first type of family Stacey writes about is the “monogamous gay couple.” Though this particular family lacked the existence of a woman, both partners embodied certain characteristics that are stereotypically known as ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine.’ Jake and Shawn were among the many gay couples Stacey studied and her results showed that one partner tended to be more masculine than the other when it came to emotions while the other seemed to exhibit more masculine traits when it came to financial income. In their relationship, Jake was emotionally masculine meaning that he had the tendency “to separate sex from love” and had an intense interest in “cyberporn” (Stacey, 19). On the other hand Shawn expressed “more ‘feminine’ views [of] love and commitment” and staunchly believed in the notion that both sex and love are strongly correlated. While both partners separated in to certain stereotypical heterosexual gender roles emotionally, Stacey found that the opposite was true when it came to financial power. For example, she states that when it comes to career and ambition, Shawn is “a stereotypical masculine, Type A, ambitious workaholic and a controlling, demanding boss” while Jake is the
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exact opposite (Stacey, 20). From her study, Stacey infers that while both partners in a
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#3 - Divya Asuri Dr Parrenas Sociology-220 13 December 2011...

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