11.2.2011 Sex Work

11.2.2011 Sex Work - o Promotes the notion of women as...

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11.2.2011 Discussion Nussbaum: - Not against prostitution - Sees it as another job - People do it because of financial reasons - Similar to how a seamstress uses her hands and a professor using his mind - Money and intimacy is a natural intersection - Says that prostitution needs to be treated as a job - Wants to change the system instead of abolishing it o Wants to make safer prostitution - The downside is that there is mental damage that comes with prostitution - Seeing it as Sex Work - Advocating for legalization Pateman: - Prostitution is just another commodification of the body - Encompasses a wide market - Says that prostitution can even include massage parlors - It’s the epitome of patriarchal capitalism o Men can control women - 4 take away points o Prostitution is not thing but female objectification
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Unformatted text preview: o Promotes the notion of women as expendable o Involuntary (no one voluntarily enters prostitution) o Symbol of Capital exploitation-Know how Nussbaum would react to these 4 arguments against prostitution Stacey:-Used homosexual relationships to show the transition from pre-modern to modern family-Know the three family formation (in notes)-Cruising: people go out with the intent to hook up casually, they dont want to get close to them o Initiated lasting family ties o Mother Randolph adoption (money) for sex o Hypergamy KNOW IT-Know 4 examples of modern family-Know what a pre-modern, modern and post modern family is-Reiterate how sexuality is handled in modern family formations-...
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