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8.25.2011 Sex Scandals, Affairs

8.25.2011 Sex Scandals, Affairs - Contrast-Bad press vs all...

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8.25.2011 Sex Scandals -“Affairs” - Bill Clinton - Tiger Woods o Stupidity o Bad Example - Rex Ryan (Photos/Jets) - Kobe Bryant - Media (Invasion of Privacy) - Is it our business? - The Scarlet Letter (woman/man/consequences) - Kennady/Monroe Scandal - Consequences: o Embarrassment o Reputation/lose job o Angry spouses/divorce/scrutiny - Why? o Celebrity/power/above society o More opportunity o Stuck in relationship o Curiosity o Loneliness o Selfishness o Common Writing 140 Book: Pg. 25 Cause/Effect: - Different values? Assuming different choices to hurt people; expectations of intimacy - Jealousy/vindictiveness - Certain events can lead to rash actions that in turn can have dire consequences - Each event tends to have a different reaction Change: - Strict relationship rules looser (due to the media) - Consequences for women are more equal? Less punitive? - “peer pressure” has increased - People in general change. o Dwindling relationships cause people to grow apart and instill fantasies of having a life with another person
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Unformatted text preview: Contrast:-Bad press vs. all press is good press-All men vs. celebrity men?-Double Standards-Stereotypes Values:-Family values—upbringing-Divorce/cheating/ abuse runs in families-Religious-Societal rules PTMQ pg. 33-35 Prompt: Considering the ways we do, don’t, could, or should discuss masculinity in popular discourse, how might the media provide more thoughtful if less sensational coverage of stories involving men in sex scandals?-Hot Men in Scandals vs. Unattractive Men-What Fame and Power does to a man-Media reveals everything about these famous people-Media reveals that even idols can mess up/have imperfect lives-Wealth and Fame do not necessarily bring a well-rounded happiness-The idea of men being “players”-Media shows cause and effect of sex scandals -Media acts as investigator-Media shapes society’s values-Media controls society’s reactions to the scandal and influences actions...
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8.25.2011 Sex Scandals, Affairs - Contrast-Bad press vs all...

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