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Asuri Divya Asuri Lauren Elmore Writing 140 20 September 2011 A3 Are Women To Blame For Their Own Misery? Society in the 1940s and 1950s can generally be defined as a time where women were treated as objects and were constantly manipulated and forced into inferiority. It was a time period in which the idea of the traditional family consisting of: the bread-winning husband and head of the household, the selfless and obedient housewife, and their children, was popularized. Though our society loves to scrutinize men for forcing women into inferiority, we rarely ever question whether the women are partially to blame. How is it possible that men can completely overpower women without any resistance? Or do they choose to be inferior to reap certain social benefits? Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather , set around the late 1940s and early 1950s Italian mafia, portrays women as docile housewives treated as objects by men. The film is mainly about the Corleone family, a notorious New York City crime mob, and its future head, Michael Corleone. Though the film centers around the men in the mafia, there are many supporting female characters that are depicted throughout the film. However, each of these women exudes a stereotypical flaw that allows them to be overpowered by the men surrounding them. While there are multiple women featured in Coppola's film, their lack of individuality ultimately supports a patriarchal society, justifying men’s unwavering control over women. Though they are trivial characters, Sandra Corleone, Sonny’s wife, and Carmela Corleone, Don Vito’s wife, are featured as the unquestioning and weak women who, due to their lack of individuality, maintain the hierarchy of men over women. Sandra Corleone is a minor character and is only filmed in a few scenes, yet through these scenes, it is evident that she is treated like an object. It is obvious that her family role is that of a traditional housewife.
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Asuri She is entirely aware of the illegal activities that take place in her family’s “business”, but is too weak to question them. In one particular scene, Sandra and Sonny are at their apartment when a possible dangerous threat arrives at their front door. Sandra is seen holding their child and looking extremely frightened as Sonny commands her to hide somewhere inside the apartment. Though she is conscious of the various dangers that her husband’s lifestyle poses to her own well-being, it is evident that she chooses status and family over independence. Sandra is also very aware of her husband’s infidelity, and refuses to confront her husband or family about the matter. For example, during the wedding scene at the start of the film, Sandra catches Sonny leaving with another woman in the direction of the house. Instead of confronting Sonny about his
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Final Draft - Asuri Divya Asuri Lauren Elmore Writing 140...

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