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Final Draft

Final Draft - Asuri Divya Asuri Lauren Elmore Writing 140 8...

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Asuri Divya Asuri Lauren Elmore Writing 140 8 September 2011 A1 Media: Protector or Predator? Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, Hillary Clinton, and Maria Shriver all have one thing in common: their lives were forever scarred by the betrayal of their spouses and a lifetime of public humiliation. All of their husbands range from political figures to children’s idols, yet it is the women, not the men, who are more affected by these scandals. First, they have to find out, through a public source, that someone they love is no longer faithful. Next, they have to go through the disgrace of finding out the identity and life story of the mistress. And lastly, they are somewhat forced to display some sort of emotion by the ever eager public. The media tends to take pride of discrediting famous men, which actually damages the lives of not only themselves, but also the people around them. Believing it to be some sort of female savior, the media also puts itself on a pedestal, giving itself additional privileges to unearth and destroy the personal lives of women who are in any way involved within a sex scandal. Although the media upholds itself to expose the blunders of society’s most powerful men, coverage of men in sex scandals should be limited because extensive coverage tends to hurt the women involved within the scandals. The media often fosters public support of exposing scandals by stereotyping powerful men into unfaithful “players,” which frequently results in the destruction of the involved women In the Huffington Post’s “ Hot or Not? Why Women Shouldn’t Pick Attractive Husbands,”
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Asuri blogger Vicki Larson advises women to choose men that are unattractive, giving them a better chance with their relationship. She argues that “guys, who are rated the most masculine, tend to have more testosterone and are more likely to…cheat.” Larson uses examples such as Representative Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal claiming that it was his good looks and high testosterone levels that led to infidelity. Her example of a powerful man in the media’s spotlight, however, serves as an absolute, representing all handsome men. In general, the men the media tends to focus on are those in the limelight, who are almost all handsome. Therefore, when the media exposes a handful of men that are unfaithful, it tends to spread a biased view and extends the stereotype of men being “players” to every man, which is extremely unrealistic. The media also thrives on depicting men as demi-gods, making the public idolize them. Therefore when
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Final Draft - Asuri Divya Asuri Lauren Elmore Writing 140 8...

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