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Example A 20 ft rectangular storage tank (shown below) has its top at ground level. The tank is half full of a liquid weighing 80 lbs/ft 3 . How much work does it take to empty the tank by pumping its contents to ground level? Let y be the level of the liquid in the tank, where 0 y 10. If we slice the tank horizontally at y , we see that the cross section is a 5 ft by 6 ft rectangle whose area
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Unformatted text preview: A is given by A ( y ) = 30 ft 2 . Since the liquid weighs 80 lbs/ft 3 , and at y , the liquid must be lifted 20-y ft to reach ground level, thus the work to empty the tank will be given by W = Z 10 80 30 (20-y ) dy =-2400 (20-y ) 2 2 10 =-1200(10 2-20 2 ) = 360000 ....
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