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Asuri Divya Asuri Writing 140: Section 64765 Lauren Elmore 1 December 2011 Assignment 5 Technology and Relationships: How the Two Are Clashing Facebook, Twitter, G-chat, Skype – these are some of the key methods used today to create, maintain, or even discontinue social relationships. Twenty-five years ago, when the internet was non-existent, the main forms of communication were through phone or post-mail. Getting to know someone was therefore extremely slow, especially in comparison to how we create relationships now. With the explosion of technology in the past decade, people have been able to communicate not only through multiple means but also more efficiently. The recent technological boom has brought us communication methods that allow us to message anyone in the world instantly and even talk face to face via webcam. Though this all might seem like a positive step for mankind, the expansion of technology still has some drawbacks, especially regarding intimate relationships. While past relationships were mostly based on personal interaction, relationships today have decreased to mostly interaction through digital media. Increased forms of communication, especially regarding digital media, allow for more impersonal ways of managing relationships. However, the detached characteristics of digital media have influenced today’s youth to underestimate the value and importance of an intimate relationship. Unlike the 1980s and 1990s, when forms of communication were limited but still personal, today’s means of communication have expanded exponentially, making it easier to
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Asuri connect with others yet extremely impersonal. Twenty-five years ago, the most convenient way to start even a friendly relationship was to either ask another in person or on the phone. Another method, yet less convenient, was through “letters and cards through the mail” with which you would receive “no response until weeks later” (DeLeo). Although these forms are less inefficient than those we use now, they still help create strong relationships in that they demanded time in person. A relationship would not have been able to thrive just on phone conversations and post- mail. A strong intimate relationship would have been buttressed by numerous meetings in person, making that bond exceedingly personal. Back then, starting a relationship with someone could be a long and rigorous process that included: first asking a person out, calling them after, and then actually going on dates. The landline telephone was the primary method of asking another on a date and almost all other interactions were held in person. Today, however, this so-called ‘process’ has been blurred due to the evolution of numerous ways of communication. After the technological boom of just the past decade, our society tends to communicate more through forms such as “email and instant message” and as a result, sometimes “our clever turns of phrase can be easily misconstrued” (DeLeo). Even though this burst in digital media has allowed for
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dasuri.A5.140 - Asuri Divya Asuri Writing 140: Section...

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