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Midterm Review - Midterm Review: Objective correlative: an...

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Midterm Review: Objective correlative: an object that symbolizes the character’s feelings, something objective used to convey something subjective, concrete to abstract, and emotion or feeling relating to some object, Color conveys something about characters: Meet me in St. Louis, Judy garland’s clothes stand out or don’t stand out means something Review Lighting! Mood is emotion, every shot has some sort of mood/emotion Atmosphere: the physical sensation Linear Classical traditional Aristitilian episodic: not strict continuity, causality could be organized around a specific character thematic: even looser structure Week 1: Film as Business, Entertainment, Technology, and Cultural Structure - Film as Business, Art, Technology, and Cultural Project o History of Technology: Know names of optical inventions and inventors Saying it involved persistence of vision, helped early cinema Names of important film makers Lumierre, Edison, 6 technological aspects Persistence of vision (eye sustains an image for a period of time) 1895 is the arrival of train in station. First film o Business: o What does an artist do? Selection and Ordering , Week 2: Literary Design - Mulitple POV and Omniscient: o Omniscient is neutral, most basic. Narrator is omniscient o Multiple POV: how different people see each event o Authorial POV: any point of the film in which you see the hand of the director is
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Midterm Review - Midterm Review: Objective correlative: an...

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