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CTCS 190 Final Review

CTCS 190 Final Review - CTCS 190 Final Review Week 8...

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CTCS 190 Final Review Week 8 Realism: - An imitation of ‘real’/mimetic - Topical/ addressing issues of society - Italian Neo-realism: Italian form of realism where the truth is depicted, related to documentary, used after war in Europe - Psychological Realism - French Poetic Realism 1930s - Primitive Realism: photo journalism, The Great Train Robbery - Documentary Realism: Formalism: - a recreation - subjective - self-reflexivity - expressionism o surrealism (avant garde) - animation (beginning of shot in the dark) - high-tech stylization Week 9: Production Process - mostly ids!! Week 10: Genre - 3 types: Tragedy, Comedy, melodrama o Tragedy: man reaches beyond his bounds and fails o Comedy: man is limited/failing, we are distanced so that we can laugh at them o Melodrama: typical life with emotional excess, humans in action Narrative: strong identification with the characters Has to do with private lives Confessions/secrets Controversial matters Feeling more than you’re thinking with these characters - Causes of Genre: o Financial, tool for marketing o Aesthetic, reusing a certain narrative structure to attain success, audience knows what to expect Hitchcock: Thriller films
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