9.28.2011 Temporal Design, Mise-en-scene

9.28.2011 Temporal Design, Mise-en-scene - o Changing...

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9.28.2011 Temporal Design/Mise-en-scene - Shots - Scene (a series of shots make a scene) - Sequence ( a series of scenes make sequences) - Long Take 3-10 minutes o Very noticeable - Most shots run for 1-10 seconds - Relationships between shots o Creating movement o Creating a definite timing, pace, and tempo o Creating rhythm sequential pattern of sounds or movements Experience inside and outside You can change the pace of the rhythm o When you break space, you break time Except for theatre o Always connected o Stories flow o Create unity o Need to be on the same 180degree line o Drastic changes in sides work (more than 30degrees) o Too close of a change doesn’t work o Low angle to Low angle doesn’t match o IF you’re going to change the size of the picture, there has to be a drastic change
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Unformatted text preview: o Changing direction will not match o If it’s the same shape, it will match o If it’s the same line, then it will match o Color change will not match (green red) (red to pink works!) o You can disconnect space and time and tell the audience too. o Mise-en-plase You’re not actually locked in space and time, you can cut it and manipulate it to what you want o Murder scene Classical cutting getting the essentials of the action • Entrance • Murder • Exit o Perspectivization Relating the space is very important o Displacement You have to see the subject dealing with a prop • Ex) taking off shoes/putting on shoes o Cheating Leaving out time/space o Overview Introduction, exit, scene o...
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9.28.2011 Temporal Design, Mise-en-scene - o Changing...

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