8.24.2011 Film as Technology, business, ArtandEntertainment, and Cultural Product

8.24.2011 Film as Technology, business, ArtandEntertainment, and Cultural Product

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8.24.2011 Technology - Machine coming to power - Wanted to recreate life in motion - Before you could create life in motion, you need the following: o Persistence of vision o Still photography o Motion picture camera o Film Stock o The Printer o The Motion Picture Projector - Celluloid multiple pictures in seconds o 24 pictures in one second - 1895 first minute film - Film helps us see from different perspective Business - Movies met the needs of lower class - Socializing place - Movies told people how to do certain things/ act certain ways - Movies available everywhere - Community of shared feelings
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Unformatted text preview: -Made people feel like they belong-Movies put us in touch with our own feelings-When you dream you leave consciousness to rest-Dreams are like movies-Vaudeville staged acts-Movies killed vaudeville-Money was the basis of movies Entertainment/Art-Visceral entertainment-Art abyss calling to abyss o Film calling to film-Depends on a collective Not on individual-Film is colloaborative, not individualistic like art-Literature-Theater-Painting-Sculpture-Music-Dance Social-Relationship to culture...
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