9.14.2011 Visual Design

9.14.2011 Visual Design - You select the art. You choose a...

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9.14.2011 Visual Design - The Photographer’s Worries: o Lights Key High: everything is brightly lit Low: patches of shadows/darkness, lots of light vs. dark in the area A tree grows: both Doubt: low key Singing in the Rain: high key Fill Back Soft Vs. Harsh People look better in soft light o Directional light : how the light fills the frame o Resolution of the Film the clearness/sharpness/amount of fine detail Film Stock: behavior to life Fast : Very sensitive to light and not very sharp o Color/Black and White Slow : Not very sensitive to light but very sharp o Color o Color In making a work of art, an artist uses varios formal systems that are related to that artform, no matter what you create, you can show it all
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Unformatted text preview: You select the art. You choose a certain color over another. Colors influence emotions. Take from reality, select from reality, and order it.-Credits and Title o They give design to it Could be plain or abstract-Special Effects o Makeup Make-up we use in life to attract people Character makeup Prosthetic nose Special Effects makeup o Stunts o In-Camera Filming something elsewhere and projecting it and then filming a scene with the projection o Computer Generated Imaging-Visual Deisgn directs our attention to a character o Way to look 3-D o...
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9.14.2011 Visual Design - You select the art. You choose a...

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