Rough Plan

Rough Plan - Rough Plan Intro Thesis o Despite Hollywoods...

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Rough Plan Intro: - Thesis: o Despite Hollywood’s tendency to subtly use visual design to compliment the plot of a film, Coppola defies these commonalities by focusing solely on the various aspects of visual design and harmonizing them to show how the Queen of France’s extravagant lifestyle is used as a defense to hide her internal struggles. BP#1: Sets and Props - TS: o As Marie Antoinette struggles with her inability to produce an heir due to her husband’s unwillingness to consummate the marriage, the sets and props used in the film become increasingly vivid to show how the Queen’s superficiality is constantly trying to overshadow her distress. - Support: o Diminishes the Queen’s failed duties o The set is mostly shot at Versailles and various other locations in France o Much of the palace (inside) is decked with White and Gold accents, bringing out the lavishness of the lifestyle o The artwork on the wall is very feminine, many pink roses and flowers o Lots of drapery (White and Gold) o Fans, adding on to the lavish lifestyle o Food, showing the splendor Multiple scenes where plates of pastries and French delights are shown to
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Rough Plan - Rough Plan Intro Thesis o Despite Hollywoods...

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