8.29.2011 Singin In The Rain

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8.29.2011 Singing In The Rain - Technology o Existed in ancient times, but only has become popular now o Why during this time? Urbanization More realistic o Why was it popular? Inexpensive Helps teach how to react in situations Very accessible Created a sense of community - Business Triumverate Producer, Director, exhibitor - Important Dates: o 1905 1 st Nickelodeon, by 1910 there were 10000 o 1914 First movie palace
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Unformatted text preview: -Entertainment and Art: o Paradox art is not usually thought of as technology, film is an exception-7 Traditional Arts o Literature (plot) o Theater (performance) o Painting (composition and light) o Dance (movement) o Architecture (creating space, dimension) o Music (sound) o Sculpture-Singing In the Rain o Was not popular at the time of release, only became popular later o...
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