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Divya Asuri Friday 10am Visibility - The package is a bright colored blue that can attract attention if it was shelved with many of the same product - There are only two prominent bold colors, white and blue, which can attract the consumer eye - The package definitely does not detract from the brand’s image because it is simple and minimalistic which can actually be pleasing to the eye o The plainness also adds to the “clean” factor that Up&Up is trying to brand their product as - It is also obvious that this product is trying to attract its consumers with its low cost( 99¢) due to the fact that the packaging is so simple Information - This product has a set of directions, claimed benefits and supplementary information on the back, which is definitely helpful and rightfully placed, given that most products contain this type of information somewhere on the product’s back or bottom - There is a slogan bolded on the front simply stating, “Wash-away Wonders”
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