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1-30-2012 - Persian King is going around to Greek city-states to make them either neutral or in alliance with Persia - Spartans are nervous about it - To Hellenikon the “Greekness” o They tell the Spartans that it is their greekness that they identify with and that is why they are allies That is why they unite against the barbarians o What makes the Athenians and Spartans natural allies Blood (origin), describing a panhellenic identity, Athenian and Spartan identity don’t matter as much as Greek identity (when in war time) Language Not really true in script sense But they still say it’s still a single language Cult
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Unformatted text preview: Custom • A result of common upbringing -There is a difference between To Kellenikon and To Barbarikon -Persian Wars o Miletus Mixed population of Greeks and Persians They turned to Athens for help because they’ve been attacked by Darius 494 Darius moves south and is defeated at the battle of Marathon Darius’s son, Xerxes, yoking the Hellespont • Takes a land army and walks them across a body of water into Greece-The Persians are human beings and are much closer to the Greeks in their humanity than the audience of the play understood o The play is from the Persian perspective-...
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