2-1-2012 - Herodotus The Illiad o Achilles o Agamemnon o...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-1-2012 Herodotus - The Illiad o Achilles o Agamemnon o Greeks vs. Trojans o Book 9 - An account of the conflict between the Greeks and Barbarians o Similar to Iliad in that it is like the conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans - Herodotus (the man) o Born in 480s BC o From Halicarnassus, Caria Founded in 900 BC Trading outpost o Father of history and the Father of lies We’re not sure if he actually went to the places he describes o He says that they have this war because of cultural differences Persians behave in ways that are “odd” • Weird shit happens in Egypt o There are long passages that don’t seem to belong Ethnographic excurses - Book 1 o Io daughter of Inachus o Paris steals Helen o Greeks took Medea from Persians - Section 6 o First story o Creces How he came to power Lydian by birth Did bad things to the Greeks Attacked Greek cities Subdued the Greeks o ...
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