2-27-201 - Their habits and their customs are the exact...

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2/27/2012 Reading Greek Women: Theocritus’ Adonaizusae and the culture of sexism in Ancient Greece - Greek Ideas About Women o Pandora Opens a jar NOT a box and releases all evils Zeus makes Pandora to punish men o Helen of Troy Portrayed badly, as a seductress and a bitch o Aristotle Only slaves don’t have logos Women’s logos is not fully developed Women are by nature, inferior to men o Suppliant Maidens: “Leave us not behind alone, father! I pray. /Women are nothing alone; no Ares in them.” (Supp. 748-749) o Semonides 7 From the start, god made women different Pure evil Contradicting things about women Wily or evil? o Amazons Women are in control Men are weak Greeks made them up to contrast the social structure of the Greeks Still could be considered weak Seen as a threat to Greek society Don’t like women with power, they are scared of powerful women Barbarian because there is no maleness within them - Women’s Roles o Herodotus II.35 (Egyptians) The women run the markets
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Unformatted text preview: Their habits and their customs are the exact opposite of other folks’ Women carry burdens on their shoulders No obligation on sons to maintain their parents Necessity lies on the daughters-Women and Ethnicity o Women as tokens of ethnic groups Greeks take barbarians and barbarians take from the greeks Abduction of maidens in Herodotus: • “we think, that it is unjust to carry women off. But to be anxious to avenge rape is foolish; wise men take no notice of such things. For plainly the women would never have been carried away, had they not wanted it themselves.” Femininity as attribute of ethnic group • Skythians in Airs, waters, Places: o They are the most effeminate race of all mankind because they wear trousers and spend so much of their time on horses so they don’t need handle their private parts, and through cold and exhaustion, never even have the desire for sexual intercourse....
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2-27-201 - Their habits and their customs are the exact...

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