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2-29-2012 - Cosmopolis a city that incorporates a microcosm...

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2/29/2011 - Nationalism o Happens at the peak of a country’s/empire’s point o All felt that they were exceptional compared to others - Hellenistic Period o People begin to look at themselves as a whole, with traditions and customs People feel that they have some sort of ownership over these traditions o But can you be apart of two different cultures? Can you be both/and? Can you maintain more than 1 identity - Text of Macabees o The issues that define the Hellenistic period o Seleucus o Ptolemy o Kingdoms change the ways in which ancient Greeks thought of a city A Polis is a closed community When it becomes apart of an empire, the polis has to reimagine ideas about citizenship and autonomy
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Unformatted text preview: Cosmopolis a city that incorporates a microcosm of an empire Rise in cosmopolis in Hellenistic world o Can you be a Jew and a Greek at the same time? Raises these questions/issues o Alexander Dies in 323 Elaborate entombed body o All the Hellenistic cities began to resemble each other architecturally Physical markers of greekness that arose in each of these cities • Gymnasium • Library • Agora • Theaters • Temples o Cult of Sarapis is invented in Egyptian Hellenistic period Invented a diety o Internal dissention among the jews What does it mean to be a jew? • Do they have to abide by ALL of the traditions?...
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