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3/26/2012 Heliodorus: - The way the novel approaches the main issues of the class is different Ancient Fiction - 6 ancient greek novels - 2 latin novels - 180 C.E. a guy named Celsus writes Alethes Logos (The True Story) o Celsus is a Pagan has become totally irritated by the tales and gospels he’s been reading and believes they are not true - Origen wrote the Contra Celsum - Myth is expressed in generic context in which no truth claim is involved - Herodotus is recounting story telling as a historical fact - Muthos: something that did not happen and is false; it couldn’t have happened
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Unformatted text preview: -Plasma: something that did not happen but resembles something that could have happened-History: a presentation that actually happened-Greek Novels: start off in Greece, travel around the Mediterranean, meet a ton of barbarians and then come back to Greece and live happily ever after-Story of Chaereas and Callirhoe, Chariton o Similar to Heliodorus However Theagenes and Characleia see the Ethiopians, which is the farthest these people would ever travel Heliodorus:-...
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