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Divya Asuri CLAS320 Thursday 10am Passage: George Fredrickson, Racism: A Short History (Princeton 2002). “In all manifestations of racism from the mildest to the most sever, what is being denied is the possibility that the racializers and the racialized can coexist in the same society, except perhaps on the basis of domination and subordination. Also rejected is any notion that individuals can obliterate enthnoracial difference by changing their identities” (Fredrickson, 9). I find this passage very interesting because Fredrickson is blatantly stating that the people involved in racism, both victims and victimizers, will never be able to exist peacefully with one another. Even if people were to physically change themselves, racism and racial difference will
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Unformatted text preview: still exist. I think that Fredrickson has a strong point in that people will never be able to coexist as long as some sort of ethnoracial difference is present. I also think that this passage touches certain key topics that we discuss during class such as the physical and cultural boundaries between races and biological determinism. Some examples that I can use for the paper can be derived from other readings that we have read this semester. For example, I can bring in issues from the Merchant of Venice, Herodotus, Airs Waters Places, and/or the Maccabees readings. For example, in the Merchant of Venice, we see tension between the Jewish moneylender and the Christian merchants....
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