CEM161_L04 - A'-l7- 88‘R63: O©©©©©©©O...

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Unformatted text preview: A'-l7- 88‘R63: O©©©©©©©O ®®®®®®®® ®O®®®®®® © ©©©®©©O® G) O@@@@@@@ '. r® @@@@@@@© @ ©©©©©o©© @ ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® Accuracy of result © .0 © ©©©©O©©©“ C?) Q Table 1 . Weighing data and calculations ‘0 Your data 2 Partner’s data Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Experiment 3 Experiment 4 Mass of test tube ‘2 \ “l3 ,, 5.77 \ Final mass of 2 iron nails S :P .039 6.33353”! 1L3”, 7.13M 1155i!) 1. “ an Initial mass of 2 iron nails ’16 Mass of iron oxidized Moles of iron oxidized Mass of test tube & copper Repeat weighing Repeat weighing Mass of copper reduced Moles of copper reduced , Mole ratio (iron/copper) a. 3/7. Total mass of iron oxidized (for all 4 nails) Total mass of copper formed (both experiments) Total moles of iron oxidized Total moles of copper reduced Overall mole ratio (iron/copper) Oxidation state of Fen+ produced in the reaction The Stoichiometry of a Redox Reaction Table 2. Observations of any reaction between the iron nails and the copper(ll) sulfate solution ( , ' ECWQQ (“flag qnmtuq {—0 come 0“ “Qt‘Je‘nd Hedi,- 0‘1‘ tap, Q'mk {\‘lm coating 'lton null \ A Table 3. Equation for the reaction between iron and copper(ll) sulfate 1+ 0 HH‘ 1€e+cu--*CU+F2 4O ...
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CEM161_L04 - A'-l7- 88‘R63: O©©©©©©©O...

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