CEM161_L07 - 5mm 0©©©©©©o @®®®®@®@...

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Unformatted text preview: 5mm 0©©©©©©o @®®®®@®@ ®O®®®®®® ©©©®®©¢© 0@@@-@@@@ _ ‘ @©@©@©@© @©©©©0©© ®®®®®®®® “v @©@©0@@@ Table 1. Readings .55A 9 Initial temperature of water Mass of the cup for nitrogen Mass of liquid nitrogen Temperature of water at end Heat gained per gram N2 Heat gained per mole N2 V La "'SEmol“1 asimw-I 53' Average heat of vaporization per mole Heat of vaporization from Trouton's rule 69 @C®@@@@@®@@ The Heat of Vaporization of Liquid Nitrogen Table 3. Answers to questions Question 1. Write an equation for the vaporization of nitrogen; include the value you have obtained for the heat of vaporization. Is the process exothermic or endothermic? M w w: ., ma: adapt-I 9 J/ reiflotfis‘umi‘t ('r‘r €‘i’LGLG'i’Fu2W‘tC7IZ Question 2. Identify two sources of error in this experiment that you believe might have led to an error in the value you have obtained. How could these errors be reduced? q+ « - (or H? ‘ L. .d .M M “(mm)” la evapor c He. 0”.ka emotée e (h: ml '6 «Externhooiuemmem NV" "0 "QM W 5: luaZJctnq Hm. I . 2. t u ul (elicit «i (tam mi tam v‘rwd‘i C) C 0“ rio( dun .n} 6m Question 3. What is the white fog produced when liquid nitrogen is added to the warm water? TM mirage“ ‘ém‘m Ilfiqoid to r 9' Waiter ' tr; CW? 1’0 ‘V’GPW‘ i“ “mi/39m"? 1's Question 4. Why was the mass of water less at the end of the experiment than at the beginning? TM Wittogoo reacted with writer to coo/161mm {Mic/g 040,qu ‘1anon «Ma NZ 0’19: Qddfldt» b4 Question 5. Why is the heat of fusion (25.7 J g'1) less than the heat of vaporization? M on: energy '33— (elru ‘sfrf‘t’iée it? more “33 mew!” 46% in r semi Mm (lager 403$th r. / Question 6. Why is the heat of vaporization of water (40,700 Jmol") so much greater than for nitrogen? '- 57‘; 1 5* i the items in wars? am Stronger ‘ "W64 WM ewrm 3H3 42¢ bcckim‘ I____. 7O ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/02/2012 for the course CEM 161 taught by Professor Amypollock during the Spring '08 term at Michigan State University.

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CEM161_L07 - 5mm 0©©©©©©o @®®®®@®@...

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