3_17_08 - 3/17/08 (1880s-1890s) New World: Reservation...

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3/17/08 (1880s-1890s) New World: Reservation Indian Agent: Redistributors of goods = major power - Used to undermine Hostiles - New political positions o Friendlies without power, Hostiles with o Factionalism that continues today originated here Dawes Act: allotted tribal land to individuals; leftover land given to white settlers - Well-meaning originally, but ended up being BIA : Bureau of Indian Affairs IRA : Indian Reorganization Act - Put land in gov’t trust; could no longer be used as collateral/sold/given - Made entrepreneurship impossible Open Democratic Elections - Only available to Friendlies Economic Problems - Divided: Friendlies marginally more successful than historically Hostile 20 th Century: “Friendlies” = Mixed Blood; “Hostiles” = Full Blood - Actual blood amount is meaningless- lifestyle matters (language, Sun Dance, etc) (1934) IRA: Beginning of Modern Tribal Council - Tribal Chair: most powerful man on the Reservation - Always Mixed Blood - Nepotism, corruption, exploitation frequent (Dick Wilson: corrupt Chair)
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3_17_08 - 3/17/08 (1880s-1890s) New World: Reservation...

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