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McGraw-Hill/Irwin ¤ 2005 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Managerial Accounting, 6/e 4-51 CURRENT ISSUES IN MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING ISSUE 4-44 “DUPONT TRIES TO UNCLOG A PIPELINE: CAN IT MOVE NEW PRODUCTS OUT OF THE LAB FASTER?” BUSINESS WEEK , JANUARY 27, 2003, P. 103, 104, AMY BARRETT. DuPont is likely to employ a process costing system, calculating costs by department. Such systems are widely used in repetitive production environments (as found in the chemicals industry) where large volumes of ident ica l or very s im i lar products are manufactured in a continuous flow. R&D is a long-term investment; it is aimed at developing new products to maintain the
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