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Chap004 (dragged) 51 - Chapter 1 in the new business world...

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McGraw-Hill/Irwin ¤ 2005 The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 4 - 52 Solutions Manual growing demographic changes in America. By bringing on the StarKist Tuna in a Pouch it has recognized that eating habits have changed in America. The green ketchup in an EZ Squirt bottle is an attempt to gain a young audience because eating habits begin early. Fruit and Vegetable Wash is a new product offering. ISSUE 4-47 “THERE’S A NEW ECONOMY OUT THERE, AND IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE OLD ONE,” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, JANURARY 1, 2000, THOMAS PETZINGER, JR. Managerial accounting information would serve the same five objectives described in
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 in the new business world discussed in the article. There would, however, be less integration across those functions if companies are broken up into smaller, more independent businesses. Managerial accounting information would be just as valuable to companies under the suggested future for the structure of business. Product costing systems would serve the same role in the “new economy,” but probably would concentrate more on the outsourcing and supply chain management functions....
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