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CEE C30 - Spring 2010 - Zohdi - Midterm 1

CEE C30 - Spring 2010 - Zohdi - Midterm 1 - e-PROBLEM I 20...

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e --PROBLEM I (20 points) (.Y.3. r3. 23) NorE: THrs rs A gD 'R.BLEM consicler the c:able and rocr s;,s- tem in Figure l. (a) Nea,tly draw a freebocrv cliagram for each c::rble and the frame. F is a vector. (b) sum the forces ancr moments for the frame, resurting in a systenr of 6 equations ancl 6 unknowns. In these equations, there should only b_e 6--unknowns. (D" -1:t^:olve the equations.) Iaentify the 6 unknowns. (NOtC: SET UP YOU CAN LEAVE dOIUTIOIVS rrV rbNIrS OF CROSS PRODUCTS) Hint: Use vector form; do not find any angles. !/ (.\'2,Y2.22) \r,-
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PROBLEM 2 (30 points) L, I vt L_> X \r.l Consider the truss system in Figure 2. (a) Neatly draw a freebody diajram for the entire system (do not break it rrp,yet). (b) Determine the reaction forces at the supports. (c) Draw the freebodydiagram for each joint. please use the labelsgiven on.the test for the joints, for example a, and ea are the reactions at point a"- and truss force in member a-b is f|6 / r\ n _ (o1 tor each.;ornt, sum (express the equations) in the x and y directions.
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