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University of California, Berkeley Physics H7C Fall 2008 MidTerm Exam II Optics Maximum score: 100 points 1. (25 points) For a thin lens, we know one of the light ray will be refracted as shown in Fig. 1. Here point A is at 30 cm to the left of the lens and point b is at 50 cm to the right of the lens. a) (10 points) Determine the focal length of the lens. b) (10 points) If an erected object P of height 10cm is put at position 60 cm to the left of the lens, what will be the position and the height of its image? Draw the ray diagram. c) (5 points) If we put an opaque screen to block the lower half of the lens, describe what will happen to the image. Fig. 1. 2. (15 points) A thin lens of diameter of 2 cm and focal length of 10 cm is used to focus parallel 532nm laser light to a point. The incident light has an intensity of 1mW/cm 2 and a beam diameter of 1 cm. a) (5 points) What is the diffraction limited light spot at the focus? b) (5 points) What is the laser intensity at the focal point?
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physicsH7C-fa08-mt2-Wang-exam - University of California,...

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