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HOMEWORK 1 0. Email me with: Your full name (as it appears in Bearfacts). The email address where you’d prefer to receive class announcements. Your student number. I will hold office hours during 3 of the following 6 time slots: Mon 12-1, Tue 12-1, Wed 12-1, Thu 12-1, Fri 10-11, Fri 11-12. Let me know which of these you will be able to attend, and I will try to accommodate everyone if possible. 2-3 sentences about your major, why you’re taking this course, and what you hope to gain from it. 2-3 sentences of something interesting - a fact about yourself, random trivia, etc. 1. Let f : X X be a function. Recall that we defined f n : X X by f n ( x ) = f ( f ( ... ( f | {z } n times ( x )) ... )). Prove that if f is surjective, then f n is surjective for all n . 2. Prove by induction that for any set X , if X is finite, then |P ( X ) | = 2 | X | . 3. Recall that if z = a + bi C , then its complex conjugate , denoted z * , is a - bi . Also, its magnitude
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