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CoteminasAnalysis - Chris Cranias International Management...

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Chris Cranias 10/30/2011 International Management Globality Company Analysis Project: Coteminas 1) Coteminas optimizes with labor for Cost Management by heavily operating in Brazil. Optimizing in labor mainly focuses on reducing labor costs, rather than reducing the amount of workers. Coteminas, being in the textiles industry, can operate at lower labor costs than China. In one recent project of Coteminas, they were able to sell t-shirts at less than 75 cents each. Coteminas also participates in a Cost Management method known as simplifying. Simplifying is a way to keep cost down by approaching a simplistic product design and they processes they use in making the products. One way that Coteminas is able to be cost efficient is that the majority of their products has similar production methods and uses many of the same materials, whether it may be bedding products or clothing. Coteminas also is able to use resources found located right in their home country. These
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