ADL_ISM_Test - BI Methods Business analytics- why? What...

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Data life cycle process Business analytics- -Business intelligence- learning about your business success and mistakes. -You want to centralize your data to avoid redundancy and to keep data clean. Data- discrete event of information (ie. string of number) Information- when the data is assigned to a profile (i.e. a person) Knowledge- when you assign two pieces of information together. Customer segmentation- a relation between a certain segment of population and the characteristics of that population. Correlating the two pieces of data. With out customer segmentation you cannot correlate the two parts of data. ****Examples of business analytics in slides.
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Unformatted text preview: BI Methods Business analytics- why? What happens next? BI Intelligence Operational BI-Only using queries and repots then most likely only using queries and reports Strategic BI- Includes all methods and includes forecasting methods. Used by top level execs. Methods of studying analytics. ETL- Extractions/Transformation/Load OLAP- when you have a specific question and you want to compare/correlate to pieces of data. OLAP Cubes- Dashboard- A snapshot of statistics and what is going on in your business. Balanced scorecards- Puts together 4 type of metrics to get a more accurate view of the health of the company among different aspects. Exam 1-...
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ADL_ISM_Test - BI Methods Business analytics- why? What...

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