Exam 3 Review - Exam 3 Review Content: Personality (15...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 3 Review Content: Personality (15 questions) Psychological Disorders (20 questions) Therapy (15 questions) *All content from text and lecture notes is “fair game”. Be aware that all content from the textbook has not been covered in lecture. This study guide is meant to serve as an outline, rather than a comprehensive review. It is recommended that you review the textbook and know each area in detail. Personality 1) Freudian Perspective- Unconscious o A reservoir of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feeling, and memories- Personality Structure o Personality decelops as a result of out efforts to resolve conflict between our biological impulses (id) and social restraints (superego) o Id unconsciously strives to satisfy basic sexual and aggressive drives, operatin on the pleasure principle, demanding immediate gratification o Ego functions the executive and mediates the demands of the the id and the superego o The superego provides standard for judgement (the conscience)- Personality development o Personalitly formed during the first few years of life divided into psychosexual stages, during these stages the id’s pleasure seeking energies focus on the...
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Exam 3 Review - Exam 3 Review Content: Personality (15...

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