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Exam 2: Review Guide Chapter 6: 1) What is classical conditioning? What are the specific features? (US, UR, CS, CR, acquisition, extinction, spontaneous recovery, discrimination, generalization) 2) What is operant conditioning? 3) Reinforcement: positive and negative, types of reinforcers, schedules of reinforcement 4) Punishment: positive and negative, effects of punishment 5) What is observational learning? Chapter 7: 1) What are the steps in information processing? 2) What are the features of how we encode information?
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Unformatted text preview: What is most effective for storage? 3) How do we store information? What are the features of storage? 4) How do we retrieve information? 5) What are the features of our memories? What are we most /least likely to remember? Chapter 9 1) What are the perspectives on motivation? 2) What are the physiological and psychological features of hunger? 3) What does psychology tell us about obesity and weight control? 4) Why do individuals have a need to affiliate with others?...
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