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week 12 - Week 12 The whit mans burden is a poem by the...

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Week 12 The whit mans burden is a poem by the English poet Rudyar Kipling. It is set up in seven stanzas, which made it hard for me to read at times. This poem is talk about imperialism and the different strings that are attached. It makes any non-European country look immature and childlike. It makes an illusion that I think skew the thoughts of many people and Europeans. It tries to imply that European countries have an obligation to rule over and develop people of other ethnicities and from other countries. This says that Europeans, white men, have a moral duty to help the poor come into the state of enlightenment. This cause many problems and give white men a bad image. In this poem it says that the white men think that they are doing the people of this smaller, inferior country a favor by helping them but in some cases these countries do no want help. This causes many conflicts when the European countries are invading but they think
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