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Week 9 1. Discuss the factors that led to the outbreak of World War I. What role did the alliance system play in this process? What role did nationalism and imperialism play in the road to World War I? World war I had many factors, some of which could have been avoided if it wasn’t for corrupt government. All the factors show stubbornness, lack of pride and honesty. When I look at the reasons for World War I think that it was a very ignorant war and should have been avoided. I believe that the main reason for this war was nationalism. There are many problems with the nationalism that was prevalent during World War I. With this very popular “trend” rising all over the Bulkan territory it lead many subject peoples to start wanting for something more then being a piece of an empire. This as a single problem probably wouldn’t have cause so many problems except for other countries got involved and it was too much instability. The countries that wanted their independence only needed something to fight with and the other countries support it gave them the catalyst
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