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week 10 The industrial revolution

week 10 The industrial revolution - Week 10 With the rise...

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Week 10 With the rise of the industrial revolution the world changed more then it ever had. With the advances in technology people could do thing that they never dreamed of before and change the world in many way. Some for the better… and some for the worst. With the things that people could do now, they also had to do things that they never had to do before. The industrial revolution brought up a change and with this change it brought up a lot of turmoil. There are many pros and cons of this revolution and it is questionable if this change bettered mankind as a whole. In every circumstance, changes bring conflict, and the industrial revolution was no exception to this concept. The biggest part that hurt mankind about this revolution was the start of machines taking humans jobs. This is a problem that started in the industrial revolution but has been prevalent ever since. With machines being capable of doing things in half the time, the need for a large workforce was unnecessary. This was the first
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