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Week 7 1. The following words are in the Quran; “No believing men and women have any  choice in a matter after God and His Apostle have decided it.” What does this line  tell us about the relationship between God and humans in Islam? What kind of  God is Allah? This line tells us many things about the relationship between God and humans in Islam and it also tells us something about Islam as a whole. First, in this line it is significant that the Quran addresses both men and women. This is a very important part of the Islam religion because it shows that men and women are equal. In many religions and philosophies before this men have been viewed as being better then women. A major feature in Islam is that it states that women are just as important and equal to men in every aspect, which is shown in this line. Next, this shows that the relationship between God and humans is controlling. You can see in this line that nothing that humans do can
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