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Week 8 1. How did Islam reach India? How might India’s fragmented political situation help explain Islam’s success? Why would Islam be popular among certain segments of the Hindu population? Islam made its way into India a number of different ways. To narrow is down there are three main ways that it reached India; Military, Merchants and Migrations. The first way that it spread to India, Military, is the way that many religions get spread around to different parts of the world. During the Umayyad Empire the Arab forces were trying to expand the empire and invaded India. With the warfare, there was a lot of contact that was not made before and many things come with war more then just soldiers and weapons. With the army invading they also brought all their customs with them. In the non-conflict parts of India there was socialization going on. Next, the merchants played a great role in the expansion of Islam into India. The merchants that sold and traded in India formed small communities in all the major cities of
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