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Modern Imperialism and africa

Modern Imperialism and africa - Modern Imperialism...

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Modern Imperialism Definition: late 19 th century wave of conquests by European power, the US, and Japan which were followed by the development and exploitation of the newly conquered territories for the benefit of the colonial powers o Colonies become dependent on their rulers Motives o Political: geopolitics create need for strategic control of important sites on sea lanes and harbors Ego boost for countries They don’t need it but don’t want others to have it o Cultural motive: “civilizing mission” in form of political order, social and cultural enlightenment through Christianity, western ideologies Hierarchy rooted in race whites > blacks o Economic: need for reliable sources of raw materials including rubber tin and copper They thought in order to survive they needed to get material from outside their country Imperial tools o Transportations tech: steamships, railroads allow unlimited and faster travel at any time of the year Canals o Military tech: increasingly powerful weapons including machine guns by the 1880’s Make European armies stronger than any other armies o
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