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Égalité for All - galit for All:...

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Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution Study Questions: 1. Who was Toussaint Louverture? Called the black George Washington Recruited 3-4k people and trained them to fight the French, British, and Spanish armies for 12 years Former slave but was freed Taught to read and write as a child Led the Rebel army in St. Domingue Stood for equality for all which was new for the world After slavery was abolished he had to start economy and had to make blacks go back to plantations and lost his popularity Wrote the St. Domingues constitution that said there’s no slavery and no discriminations based on color of skin Died in a freezing cell in France 2. What was the basis of St. Domingue’s wealth? Slaves, human capital It was the sugar capital of the world 3. How would you describe the early stages of the Haitian Revolution? What was the motivation? Very violent and fast growing
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Égalité for All - galit for All:...

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