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Group Quiz - 3.C Potatoes 3.D bananas 4 What played a great...

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Chapters 11, 12, 13 Quiz 1. What serves as the start of the Islamic calendar and was also Muhammad’s migration to medina? 1.A. Hijra 1.B. Umma 1.C. Jihad 1.D. Sharia 2. How many Pillars of Islam are there? 2.A. 1 2.B. 2 2.C. 3 2.D. 4 2.E. 5 3. What crop led to major advancements in Tang and Song Chinese agriculture? 3.A. Fast-ripening rice 3.B. Seedless watermelon
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Unformatted text preview: 3.C. Potatoes 3.D. bananas 4. What played a great role in agriculture I the India ocean basin> 4.A. Drought 4.B. Bugs 4.C. Monsoons 4.D. Tornados 5. Identify: veiling 6. Identify: Quaran 7. Identify: The Caste System 8. Identify: The Equal Field System 9. Identify: The Grand Canal...
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